After half a decade of growing social media accounts, I know what works and what doesn’t work, and that’s why I want to help you!

Owning my own agency, this shows how passionate I am about developing brands and creating content that evokes emotion leaving a lasting impression on the consumer.

the very social media girl

Hey hun,
I'm Eloise!

I have worked with some of the biggest names in the world, including New York Fashion Week, the Pride of Britain Awards, Afterpay, Lulu Lemon, BBC and ITV, resulting in them all reaching millions of accounts.

If that’s not enough to show you my expertise, I also boast a variety of knowledge and skills needed to create, produce, and maintain a relevant online presence.

I’ve worked with many different industries including food and drink, law firms, estate agencies, beauty, fashion, website developers, awards and events, plus so much more!

I love to work with female-owned businesses (girl power!) but if I feel we can help and grow a brand outside of our expertise - we will never say no!

why me?


I hate to admit it but I’m a major shopaholic 


Love live gigs, festivals and working out to a good playlist


My two kittens, Sonny and Pawsa (I rescued them!) 


Ibiza, Dubai and New York have to be some of my favourites!

My favorite things

that everything happens for a reason

That good things come to those who wait

That if you work hard, you can play hard

I believe:

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